The Benefits


Harvesting healthy outcomes, cultivating new clients.

We provide innovative education-focused marketing with our Vets Love Pets customised program to inform your existing clients and attract new ones. We plan and coordinate marketing activities designed to achieve the results you want, training your staff so they can maximise the opportunities created:

  • Social media programs and pet owner promotions.
  • Subsidised print and email newsletters tailored to your brand.
  • Targeted pet owner letters on topics such as dental care, senior care, FIV and behaviour.


Apples for apples.

Our chartered procurement team sources the best products and services at the best price on everything you need for your business, from electricity to vaccinations:

  • 100% of rebates are paid to paying Members weekly.
  • Our chartered procurement team negotiates contracts for and on behalf of all Members.
  • Benefit from the synergy we have across other industries such as aged care and pharmacy.


Nurturing your practice and patients.

We spend time in your practice on a regular basis, working with you and your team to develop a strategic action plan and then helping you implement those strategies. We can design protocols and procedures to help ensure a happy productive team, happy healthy pets and loyal clients. Your dedicated Practice Group Manager works with you to make the most of Vetcentric contracted suppliers and can also help in areas such as:

  • OH+S (WHS).
  • Staff training, protocols and procedures and development.
  • HR and recruitment.
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