About Us

Vetcentric will help you take your business to the next level with our integrated systems and professional support in three core areas: Procurement, Operations and Marketing.

Independent, Not Alone

Vetcentric is an Independent Management Group whose veterinary Members understand the importance of independence and the value in aligning with other independent vets who share common beliefs, goals and culture.

Our national advisory board of veterinarians works with the Vetcentric procurement team to review new products and innovations for the benefit of all Members. If you are considering joining a veterinary buying group please get in touch. All of our Members including our Advisory Board are practicing vets and clinic owners who understand the challenges faced by independent vets in Australia. We are here to help your practice thrive and ensure you stay independent, not alone.

At Vetcentric we know the importance of being outstanding in everything we do and realise the value in having a committed leadership team and responsibility throughout our business. We understand that strong leaders live and teach by example, demonstrate integrity and responsibility, embrace innovation and adapt rapidly to change. We constantly evaluate and assess our business to anticipate changes, challenges and opportunities in the wider industry, this protects all Members and ensures independent vets thrive.


Our chartered procurement team source the best products and services at the best price for everything you need for your business. We pride ourselves on securing the best contracts in the industry for our Members.

The Vetcentric system is mutually beneficial as both suppliers and practitioners enjoy increased sales and profitability through affiliations. Vetcentric has established strong partnerships with its valued suppliers, ensuring Members receive significant value-added services and rebates. Members also benefit from the synergy we have across other industries including aged care and human pharmacy.

When you are considering a management group it is important to compare apples for apples. Our professional procurement team negotiates in all areas on your behalf. This service ensures all Vetcentric Members have access to the type of contracts large corporate groups have. As an independent vet you deserve to benefit from strong contracts that level the playing field so you can compete without having to compromise your business, medicine or your independence.


Our professional operations team have years of industry experience and are dedicated to helping your business grow. Your dedicated Practice Group Manager will work with you and your team to develop a strategic action plan and then help to implement these strategies.

We understand the challenges involved in running a successful, busy practice and we can help wherever you need it. This includes: inventory management, reporting, debtors, HR, recruitment, administration, policies and procedures, customer service, retailing and more. Your Practice Group Manager is here as a professional resource to help you complete the many important tasks that are time intensive. We can assist in designing protocols and procedures that align with your clinic’s values to ensure a happy productive team, happy healthy pets and loyal clients.


Our marketing program is fully integrated and is designed to help you grow your business, connect with your clients and showcase your brand identity. We are passionate about ensuring that independent vets thrive in this competitive market and we’ve developed a platform that delivers real results.

Our dedicated marketing department creates innovative campaigns and materials with an educational focus. The platform is highly effective and designed to be flexible, the beauty of our Vetcentric community is that every Member’s practice is unique and you can change and adapt the components to suit your individual practice. In 2019 you’ll see some of our Members on national TV in a show called ‘A Dog’s Tale’. We also have customised newsletters, social media calendars, design services, exclusive quarterly promotions, wellness plans, an online shop (for our Members to compete in the online retail space), complimentary TVs featuring our vet specific content and lots more!

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