Membership Levels

Vetcentric Members have the choice of flexible membership options with membership fees paid monthly and no lock-in contracts. Our Lite and Member Levels receive 100% of the rebates from suppliers and the rebates are contractually the same for all levels. These rebates are protected by confidential contracts with our partner suppliers. This means you will receive significantly better rebates with Lite or Member level – rebates that are above and beyond those received in the open market.


Lite is a minimal-touch membership where you receive fantastic rebates and detailed analysis and reporting each month. The membership fee is very affordable and you will gain access to our innovative member support services plus optional benefits such as our marketing platform. If you’re predominantly interested in rebates and minimal marketing support, this is a good option.


Member level delivers the true benefits of being part of Vetcentric and the majority of our Members start at this level. You have the peace of mind in knowing you’re getting the best rebates and you’ll also get a dedicated Practice Group Manager to help you grow your business and provide support where you need it. You can access all of the marketing support with heavily subsidised activities in addition to all the resources and opportunities on offer at Vetcentric.