Vets Love Pets is the retail facing brand that delivers a fully integrated marketing platform to our Members. Every quarter our Vets Love Pets marketing team partners with our contracted suppliers to deliver a full suite of Vetcentric exclusive promotions. Members receive a customised marketing pack to set up promotional displays, maximise rebates and deliver exceptional value to their clients. You’ll have exclusive access to professional, educational content including digital newsletters, comprehensive social media plans and the latest marketing resources.

Learn more about the additional components of the Vets Love Pets platform available to Vetcentric Members in the section below.

A Dog’s Tale

Vets Love Pets is a proud sponsor of the Australian TV show A Dog’s Tale. A Dog’s Tale is screening nationally on WIN in early 2019. A Dog’s Tale is a love story dedicated to dogs and the pet parents of Australia and shows us how dogs enrich our lives every day and bring us happiness. More than simply a lifestyle show, A Dog’s Tale uses scripted drama to weave the stories together, taking the audience on an emotional journey that reinforces the special bond we have with our dogs.

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Vets Love Pets Online Store

The Vets Love Pets online store ( gives pet parents the convenience of shopping online with great pricing whilst supporting their local independent vet. At Vets Love Pets we stock an extensive range of affordable pet products, food, toys, medications, grooming products and more. We ship to all locations in Australia and shipping is free for orders over $49! Pet parents nominate their vet when registering to unlock discounted pricing and our Vets Love Pets partner vet practices (Vetcentric Members) receive a percentage of their client’s online sales. This enables our Members to effectively compete with pet retailers in the online space and deliver a great service to their clients.

Vets Love Pets TV

The Vets Love Pets TV channel is a customised TV channel that is provided as an optional and complimentary service offering to our Vetcentric Members. The large flat screen TV features interesting, relevant veterinary content in rich HD format designed exclusively for pet parents. The channel is designed to educate, engage and entertain pet parents while they wait in your reception area. This professional and eye-catching feature is designed to provide important and timely information to your clients right before they walk into your consult room. There are various sizes of TVs available so you can choose the style that will best suit your practice design.

Vets Love Pets Care Plans

Vets Love Pets has partnered with Knose Pet Care to deliver an exceptional wellness plan offering for our Members. Vets know what’s best for pets and Knose is the only wellness plan provider that gives you complete control over what you include in the plans. Knose make it easier than ever to implement wellness plans with their rapid on-boarding and support process, there are no upfront fees or setup costs and you can get started today with zero risk. With their cloud-based portal you can create plans, track shipping and delivery states and manage client details all from one convenient place. Knose also handle all the payments (including chasing late payments) and back-end administration so you can focus on the business of being a vet. It’s never been easier to get started with wellness plans in your practice.